la noche de moda

Wednesday night was Vogue Espana’s “Fashion’s Night Out in Madrid.”  If you haven’t heard of it… VFNO is a series of events held around the world each fall.  It was started a few years back in New York City to boost spending at high end retailers during the start of the recession.  Over the past few years it has grown into an internationally-known night of fashion, free food & drinks, and fun!  Of course, when I saw the posters along Calle Princesa and Calle Alberto Aguilera in the shopping district around my neighborhood I knew we had to go!

Many retailers along Calle Serrano (think the Boston Common end of Newbury & Boylston or NYC’s Fifth Avenue) stay open from 8pm until midnight offering discounts or sale merchandise along with their new fall collections.  Nearly everywhere offers champagne or wine, but some stores even offer mojitos, martinis, or other creative drinks, and a few offer the Spanish standard: bread, cheese, and jamon.

We walked up and down Calle Serrano and along some of the other side streets.  It was just a huge party of women dressed up in the streets, some shopping, but all mostly just browsing and enjoying the night with their friends, just as we were.  It was great to take part in such a wonderfully Spanish event for the night and check out this area of the city that I had not yet explored!

Buen fin de semana, amores:)


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