“jitters” sobre el primer dia de escuela

After the confusion and excitement last Monday (the start of our language-intensive two-week immersion classes) you can imagine how I felt this morning!  Last week we arrived an hour earlier than needed and took a 45 minute 100 question Spanish language placement test that we didn’t need to take.  Even though the Jefe de Estudios only said “no pasa nada,” (a very Spanish phrase that literally means nothing happens, but is colloquially used to excuse any mishap) I was still hoping for this morning to go a little smoother.

I will absolutely never forget the feeling I had this morning walking to school.  It felt like kindergarten all over again, except my best friend wasn’t on the bus with me (hey yanya) and my mom wasn’t standing there taking a picture of me when I got to school… bitzy.

ANYWAY, my stomach was turning all over the place, but that was the height of the excitement.  We had a meeting with Paloma, the Jefe de Estudios where she presented the E4 degree program we’re in too us and the E4U (get the pun?) student group came to talk about events coming up that sound pretty exciting!  Hopefully I’ll get to go to those!!

Then we went to Spanish Language & Culture (just Americans and our new Irish friends), International Economic Theory (a two-hour class that lasted for literally 8 minutes), and Intensive Spanish (yay, Americans).  I am excited for tomorrow though because we’ll have five new classes with other international classmates.  Cross your fingers for making friends!!

Buenas noches, amores:)

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