la comida de espana



Carnes (yes, those are brains you see)

I’ve been meaning to write a post for a while about buying groceries in Spain.  For a moment, erase the idea of $200 grocery receipts for carts filled with one million different varieties of anything you can imagine.

Here, most people buy food everyday or every other day.  It is so cheap, I hardly ever spend more than 15 euro for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, bread, lunch meats, and a few other random things.  For example, I bought two eggplants yesterday for 54 cents, freshly baked baguettes are never more that one euro, and a package of six boneless porkshops was three euro.

Also, there are a million different option of where to buy your groceries.  Corte Ingles is the most expensive, but it’s also open the most, and you can find anything there!!  Then there are a number of small grocery stores that carry most everything you could need: Dia, Simply, Carrefour, etc.  Lastly, there are the fresh markets.  There are fruit stands on everyother block in Madrid; I’m not sure why.  They get the fruit delivered each morning, and it is truly delicious.  All of the fruits taste like real fruits (imagine that!) and they actually go bad within a few days because they’re not covered in pesticides and artificial gross things.  (Here’s the farmers’ market-going part of me coming out…)  Anyway, there are also meat and cheese markets to go to, but I haven’t really explored those yet.

However, I have just discovered a gem just one block from my apartment: one of the Mercados de Madrid.  You walk down the stairs and there are numerous fruit stands, jamonerias, cheese stands, meat markets, and fresh seafood markets.  Everything is completely fresh; the market is open everyday until 2pm, which allows Spainards to shop during the morning until lunch time for whatever they need for the next day or two.  I had a little bit of a field day running around looking at all of the different cheeses, meats, and fresh vegetables.   Hope you’re having just as much fun at Stop & Shop!

Salud al fin de semana, amores:)

Los resultados: endive salad with fresh blue cheese, tomatoes, and apples

& homemade calamari by Dan!

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