el palacio real

Since we don’t have any Friday classes, Lucia, Lauriane, and I went to El Palacio Real (the royal palace) in the afternoon.  We were there for quite a few hours, but it was really cool to see the different rooms that they have in display for the public to see.  Among many other important things, we got to see:

  • The smoking room, which a former king had completely decorated in bamboo panels that have oriental paintings all over them
  • The Salon de Columnas (Column Room) where Spain was signed into the European Union and the pen that was used to sign it … extremely useful information
  • A movie room that was put in for Sunday afternoon family movie showings
  • The armory, where we saw enough armory to satisfy our fill for the rest of our lives… they even had traditional armor for seven year old children!!!

We also got to see the Royal Pharmacy, which was my favorite part.  It’s the only old royal pharmacy in Europe that’s still used today.  There are jars marked with all sorts of natural aliments and remedies: black tea, rose water, whale sperm (???), and a zillion more.  It reminded me a lot of a place we went in Morocco last year where you can buy all sorts of these natural remedies.  I bought orange oil, rose water, mint tea, and cinnamon there last year.

Since you can’t take photos inside, I don’t have many pictures from the day, but I highly suggest taking a few hours to visit if you’re in Madrid.

Tip: the plaza between the Royal Cathedral and the Royal Palace is magnificent as the sun is setting.  We left around seven, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Ciao, amores:)



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