el desayuno americano

Sunday morning (read: three o’clock in the afternoon) I hosted an all-american breakfast at my apartment.  A few international friends came who had never or only once or twice experienced the marvel of brunch.  As well, some American friends came to enjoy one of the few things they truly miss already from the United States.

Our American breakfast was complete with scrambled eggs, chocolate chip/banana pancakes, fruit salad, hash browns, and bacon.  Lauriane and her boyfriend, Tomas, also made French crepes with nutella.  Though, I’m sure you’ve all been having these wonderful foods every Sunday, it was certainly a treat for us.  We’ll definitely be doing this again soon!


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3 responses to “el desayuno americano

  1. Terry Peirce

    I am hungry just looking at the picture! Yummy …..

  2. Dianne

    Looks delicious Colette! Happy Columbus Day! xoxo

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