feliz cumpleaños a kate en barcelona!!

Last Thursday I left to celebrate Kate’s 21st birthday in Barcelona for the weekend with a bunch of friends!  Kate’s birthday was a great excuse for us to go visit her while she’s studying there.  We spent all day Friday & Saturday touring around the city, so it was especially great to have her there as our tour guide:)

At the moment, I am fairly overwhelmed with school work, group projects, co-op meetings, and all sorts of miscellaneous other things that are requiring me to be at Comillas literally 24/7 (studying on study abroad? … what a strange concept).  Anyway, because of this I’ve decided to highlight my five favorite things about Barcelona.

{Fresh figs, chocolate truffles, and calzones at El Mercat St. Josep, La Boquería}

{Views from Parque Güell}

{Bike tour of the entire city through, focusing on Gaudi’s houses & la Sagrada Familia}

{FC Barcelona v. Sevilla FC match at Camp Nou}

{Discovering everything from miniature flower bouquets to homemade fruit juices on Las Ramblas}

Hope you enjoyed the snapshots of my weekend in Barcelona!  Saludos, amores:)


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3 responses to “feliz cumpleaños a kate en barcelona!!

  1. Helen Bitzberger

    Hi Colette,
    MomMom gave me ur web-site ….WOW ur Amazzing
    So PROUD of YOU …Be Safe …
    Love YOU ..
    LOVE Aunt Helen

  2. Pagina

    AHHHH, La Sagrada. The most beautiful building I have ever been in 🙂

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