cumpleaños de las gemelas

Friday night I threw a party at my apartment for the twenty second birthdays of my two friends Kathryn and Lauren.  They were born one minute apart on the same day in the same year!!

We had a dinner of stuffed shells and spinach artichoke bread (you can find the recipe here for the dish, which I also made for Gabby’s birthday).  We also gave them their gifts, bracelets from a Spanish jewelry store, Uno de 50, which sells all sorts of interesting and unique bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.  Check it out here!

After dinner, some more friends came over, including German and French friends from class that we were excited to see, Lauren & Gabby’s Spanish roommates, and Lauren’s host brother from when she came to Madrid during high school.  It was great to have such an international  party as Rina calls it, haha… but really, it was a lot of fun!!  We enjoyed an amazing cake (click here for the cake recipe, frosting recipe, and homemade buttermilk recipe… since that’s another thing we can add to the list of ingredients Spaniards don’t use) and tequila sangria (read: instant hangover) before heading to Cats, a discoteca near my house that was a ton of fun!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday, chicas!<3


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