¡te echamos de menos, bruna!

{Empanada de atún para decir adios}

My roommate Bruna was only here for the fall semester and January exams, so on Saturday she went home to Brazil!  Even though she was busy with her parents being here for the past month, we still managed to get some time in to have dinner with all four of the roommates in my apartment.  That being said, it was actually our first and last dinner all together.  It made the dinner even more fun I think, that we knew we weren’t going to be all together for a long time, or maybe even ever again!

{la mesa, llena de comida}

We enjoyed a tuna empanada made by Bea; macaroni & cheese (me); ham, crackers & pâte from Eva; and Brazilian cheese breads from Bruna.  Bruna also made little mini chocolate for dessert which we enjoyed with a bottle of Cava that her parents bought us!  All of this, we accompanied with lots of laughs and great stories late into the night, despite work and 8am classes the next morning.  I hope we’ll be able to make time to do these dinners more often, even though Bruna is already back in sunny, warm Brazil!

I hope you enjoyed your semester in Madrid, Bruna and that this was a great send-off dinner!  Thanks for all of the great times over the past five months, and hopefully we’ll see you soon… in Brazil!

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