la primera semana

As many of you know, as part of my study abroad program there is also a working abroad component.  On Monday I started the five-month internship that will be occupying the majority of my time between now and my return to the US.  I’m working at Leroy Merlin España, the Spanish subsidiary of the French version of America’s Home Depot.  I’m working for the Internal Services Management Control Team, which is actually part of the finance department.  This week I am just attending different training seminars of each of the teams in my department to see what exactly they do, but for the remainder of my time here I will be working on a Cost Analysis & Operations Report.  I’m definitely existed to get started on that!  I met all 80 of the members of my department on my first day and after “giving kisses to the entire floor” (as my boss described it), I can hardly remember any of their names.  I’ll be working with a lot of them through out the five months I’m sure, but for now it is certainly nice to see familiar faces around.  I’ll try to keep you guys in the loop with monthly updates about what my job is like!  Hope your week is going well:)


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