¿who is la rubia?

¡Hola!  I’m Colette, and welcome to my year long chronicle of my adventures through out Europe.  As part of Northeastern University’s Bachelors of Science in International Business Program, I will be spending 12 entire months in Spain, from late-August 2011 until September 2012.  I’m taking classes for the Fall and Winter semesters at La Universidad Pontificia de Comillas de Madrid, ICADE, with other international students from Ireland, England, France and Germany.  Then, I will begin a co-op, internship, or practica (whichever name you prefer) for the remainder of my time in Espana!!  Outside of my studies, I’ll be traveling and of course, blogging about all of the places I go.  Contact me @coletteabrown on Twitter or via email at colette.a.brown@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

3 responses to “¿who is la rubia?

  1. Terry Peirce

    Have a wonderful time!!! I am so excited for you!

  2. Dianne

    Glad to hear the weather has finally cooled off! We’ve had applecrisp already. Yes your father baked it – then of course wanted it well done! It was very crispy.

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