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feliz cumpleaños a gabby

This past weekend, I had the honor of celebrating the most-awaited birthday of the year, the twenty-first birthday of Miss Gabrielle Velasquez!  There’s a little back story to this one.  Last year, one by one all of our friends turned twenty-one, went to the bars in Boston for the “first time,” and had a celebrations with all of our friends.  Gabby sat back and relaxed, waiting until she reached the US legal drinking age while living in a country where the drinking age is 18 (…not that we’re complaining).  Even though it wasn’t as exciting to turn twenty one here in Spain, we decided that there’s no way we could have done anything half as fun in Boston.

Sidenote: ADRIENNE CICERO, my roommate from the legendary 69 Gainsborough Apartment 3, was here for the entire weekend, which automatically brightened everyone’s day.

Thursday night we had Spanish tortillas, pineapple shrimp salads, and spinach artichoke dip bread (don’t worry, recipe to come!) at Lauren’s before heading to Gabana, a posh nightclub that’s free for girls until 3am.  It was really fun and since we had all day to sleep the next day, we didn’t mind at all.

Friday was the big night, we were having a party at Lauren’s, then heading to Buddha Bar with everyone afterwards.  Since Gabby is the queen of champagne, I had a great idea, that a bunch of us girls buy her twenty-one bottles of champagne for her twenty-first birthday.  (See photo above!)


Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of Adrienne and I carrying twenty-one bottles down the hill to Lauren’s apartment, but you can trust me when I say, it was hilarious.

We tied a ribbon around each bottle and put one reason why we love her.  It turned out looking adorable, Gabby obviously loved it, and we had a great time putting the whole thing together.

After Funfetti cupcakes, we spent the night at Buddha Bar, which is now my favorite club in Madrid.  It’s outside of the city, about a 10euro cab ride, so I won’t be going very often, but it was still so fun.  There were musicians playing the trumpet, saxophone, and drums live to the music of the DJ.

Saturday was a lazy day of pancakes & bloody marys, touring around Madrid (going on 3 weeks in a row now), and Cien Montaditos.  And Sunday was a sad day of goodbyes to Kate and Adrienne who I’m not even sure when I’ll see again and homework.

How was your weekend?  I’d love to hear!

Ciao, amores:)

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