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el rastro

{Just one of the many peculiar stands at El Rastro}

After relaxing most of the weekend due to the driest, sorest throat I may have ever had, I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to head over to El Rastro.

El Rastro is acclaimed as one of the “must-see” sites of Madrid for any visitors, and according to it’s Wikipedia page, a Madrid visitors guide does not exist without a mention to El Rastro.  It’s an open air market in the historical center of Madrid that flows down streets and into a few small plazas.  Nearly all of the goods are second hand, and though there are a lot of cool stands, there is also alot of junk.  Among the

handmade jewelry, Moroccan tapestries, and leather bags, there are also As-Seen-On-TV stands, piles of clothing that can only remind me of Boston Costume, and random collections of everything from old cameras to wrenches.


Needless to say, it was a sight to see, but I am going to take it off of my recommendations list.  There are so many great places to see in Madrid that, in my eyes, El Rastro is not worth waking up early on a Sunday morning for.  The best part of it was walking through Plaza Mayor on our way there, which was empty and silent compared to how it is at all other times of day.

Fortunately for me, my Sunday continued as usual, unaffected by the morning’s odd trip, filled with bread & cheese, a nap, and some homework in El Retiro.  We even got to see an outdoor art show among the beautiful trees, which are actually starting to show signs of changing colors!  Can’t wait to experience fall here in Madrid.

Ten un buen semana, amores:)

{Artists painting before the showcase}

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