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resoluciones para el nuevo año

Every year I think of all sorts of New Years Resolutions that are really more like goals and ways of meeting these goals to be done through out the year.  Usually, I make a goal for each of the most important aspects of my life (though some goals apply to more than one) including: family, friends, relationships, health & exercise, school, work, and play.  I guess those are pretty basic categories to sum my life up into, but they work pretty well for my goal-setting needs.

I just found this great guide on “How to Be More Interesting” on Forbes.com (via SP&A)  that would be great to use in New Years Resolutions or any other type of goal setting.  For anyone about to tackle a new experience (like friends going abroad for this spring semester) this seems like a great way to ensure you make the most of your opportunities!  I plan on applying this to the rest of my 8 months here in Spain… at least after exams end.

Hope you enjoy the silly, but true advice and the fun diagrams just as much as I did!  Ciao, amores:)

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