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enhorabuena, bea!


I spent this past weekend in Lisbon, Portugal with the girls, but first I’d love to share something else with you! The weekend before that was my roommate Bea’s last weekend in the apartment.  She just finished her last year of university and decided to go back to her parent’s house for the summer until she figures out her plan for the fall.

We celebrated with a final together in the apartment, of a wonderful piece of halibut that was from her town in Almeria, Spain.  Bea baked it in the oven and it was absolutely delicious, between the three of us we nearly finished the entire thing!  I also made homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, which my two Spanish roommates loved.  I tried explaining that it’s really just a little kid’s food in the US, but I don’t know if I was too convincing.  I followed a delicious, easy tomato soup recipe that I also made here.

Bea also made a delicious strawberry shortcake.  We spent the whole night eating and talking, and it was so much fun.  I was planning on going out that night with my friends, but I didn’t realize how late it was until it was nearly 3 o’clock in the morning.  I feel the same way that I did after we had our last dinner with Bruna; I really wish we had done this more often!!

Congratulations, Bea!  And good luck with everything.  Hopefully I will see you in the USA in the fall!!

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paella con bea


Feliz Semana Santa!

Last night my roommate Bea showed me and a friend of her’s from class how to make paella.  She explained that everyone has their own ways of going about it, what vegetables to add, what order to add things in, etc, but she sticks to the way her dad has been making it her whole life and it was absolutely amazing!  She even called him in the midst of cooking to check if the chorizo sausage being spicy would change the flavor (it would, so we skipped on putting it).

After dinner we enjoyed homemade torrijas, which are basically slices of french toast toasted in cinnamon & sugar made out of a special type of bread.  They’re so common during semana santa (holy week), so Bea decided to make those too.  We talked about all sorts of things from our different cultures to music festivals.  I always like hearing people’s thoughts and opinions about different things, since we all have grown up in such different environments.

It was the perfect beginning to holy week, and I’m heading to Marbella tonight for the long weekend.  Thursday & Friday are both official holidays here in Madrid, so nearly everything will be closed.  We’re spending the first two days in a hostal by the beach in the old part of Marbella and then Saturday, Sunday & Monday with Jackie’s family.  I’m so excited to meet all of them and relax by the pool & beach all weekend.  It’s going to be weird not being at my house with my family for Easter, which makes me even more appreciative that Jackie’s parents have taken us in to celebrate the holiday with them!  A post with plenty of photos to come on Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend & Happy Easter, amores:)

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¡te echamos de menos, bruna!

{Empanada de atún para decir adios}

My roommate Bruna was only here for the fall semester and January exams, so on Saturday she went home to Brazil!  Even though she was busy with her parents being here for the past month, we still managed to get some time in to have dinner with all four of the roommates in my apartment.  That being said, it was actually our first and last dinner all together.  It made the dinner even more fun I think, that we knew we weren’t going to be all together for a long time, or maybe even ever again!

{la mesa, llena de comida}

We enjoyed a tuna empanada made by Bea; macaroni & cheese (me); ham, crackers & pâte from Eva; and Brazilian cheese breads from Bruna.  Bruna also made little mini chocolate for dessert which we enjoyed with a bottle of Cava that her parents bought us!  All of this, we accompanied with lots of laughs and great stories late into the night, despite work and 8am classes the next morning.  I hope we’ll be able to make time to do these dinners more often, even though Bruna is already back in sunny, warm Brazil!

I hope you enjoyed your semester in Madrid, Bruna and that this was a great send-off dinner!  Thanks for all of the great times over the past five months, and hopefully we’ll see you soon… in Brazil!

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