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las comidas del fin de semana

This weekend was filled with lots of fun with friends, seeing as we were celebrating the end of our spring mini-semester classes.  It’s so nice to have nothing to do, besides look for a co-op job, and I’m so happy to be done taking classes for a  little while.  I love my program and all of the students in it, so it will definitely be weird not seeing them for six hours every single day.  However, I’m certainly not going to miss all of the hours spent in the same classroom at ICADE.  I’m so happy to have had the experience of taking classes in another language though, and it has definitely helped in improving my Spanish so much since September.  Here are some snapshots of this weekend, and you’ll see that all of the celebrations were accompanied by delicious foods as well!

Homemade blueberry scones & peanut butter chocolate chip shortbread cookies at the Templo de Debod, my favorite spot in Madrid, on Thursday instead of studying.

First brunch & first bagel since I’ve been in Madrid on Saturday afternoon.


An assortment of dips and the first cake I’ve made with American baking soda (also made here), which we enjoyed at a surprise graduation party we threw for Kenny.

Amazing Greek food for lunch today from this place at some food markets that have been set up for the past week on Calle Fuencarral.

I hope you guys have eaten as well as I have this weekend!  Ciao, amores:)

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el puente de navidad

Spaniards love celebrating random holidays just as much as they love doing so in the middle of the week, I only had two days of class last week.  It was nice to have some extra time before I left for Sevilla on Thursday (more about that to come), since I knew I wouldn’t be getting anything done while we were there.  However, that meant the short week I did have was filled with homework, group meetings, Christmas shopping, and a few other activities.  I guess I should be thankful for the celebrations of the Constitution Day, which allowed me to get some homework done, and the Immaculate Conception, which let us leave a day early for Sevilla though!

During the craziness of the holiday season, I usually get overwhelmed, but the speed at which it is flying by this year is absolutely insane!  The countdown makes me a little anxious: Dan’s parents – 9 days; my parents – 10 days; Dan’s birthday – 11 days, Prague – 11 days, Christmas – 13 days; and New Years Eve – 19 days.  For now, here are a few of the things I filled my “Puente de Navidad” with, while still in Madrid.

{taking a study break on tuesday for american grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup using this recipe}

{planning an itinerary for christmas in prague, which you can read here}

{making zillions of christmas cookies to enjoy myself and bring to my padres españoles in sevilla using this great recipe & tutorial}

And if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been filling my spare time (read: procrastinating) by catching up on all sorts of new blogs.  I’ll be adding them to a blog roll soon, but for now the rest of the posts on the two blogs I’ve linked to today are really great.  Enjoy!

Hope you’re having just as much fun during the chaotic holiday season as I am here in Madrid.  Ciao, amores:)

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la primera semana de clases

After the confusion of the first day of classes, the rest of the week flew by very quickly.  We had most of our classes, but were unable to go to Operations or Mercantile Law since we still had our Immersion Language & Culture classes in the afternoon.  It was kind of frustrating to miss the first few days of those classes, but the Jefa de Estudios deemed our Immersion classes more important, so it was out of our control.

Comillas is the epitome of Spanish culture, as I see it.  It portrays itself as a traditional, Spanish Catholic university.  It’s very small, and the advisors, professors, and deans are there to answer any questions from international students (of which there are a lot!).  Behind the beautiful facade of inner courtyards, blue-tiled walls, and smartly dressed students, it is just as Spanish as ever.  All of the offices are closed from two to five, which is inconveniently the only break that we have during classes, as well… but everyone is at home for lunch and siesta.  Classes were cancelled on Wednesday from ten to three because of some welcoming ceremony that students were not required to attend.  I’m still confused about the point of that.  There is also a mild sense of confusion, at least among our classes, as our immersion classes were scheduled during the same time as our business classes during this first week.  But no pasa nada.  It has been a wonderful experience so far; we are certainly being immersed in the culture.

Last night, the E4U student group threw a Welcome Party at La Sal, a discoteca just a few blocks from my apartment.  The degree program that we are enrolled in is called E4 at ICADE, explaining the pun.  There were so many international students there; it was a lot of fun!  I think a large majority of the students in our year, as well as the students who stayed for the second year of the program were there.  I also found out that students from some European universities have the opportunity to do their exchange during the first two years of their studies, instead of the last two, which I thought was an interesting alternative.  I met quite a few people, but it wasn’t the ideal setting to be meeting anyone with the loud music and dim lighting.  Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see and talk to our classmates outside of school.

We’ll just say that I went to bed at slightly less than a reasonable hour, accounting for the fact that I had a Spanish quiz at 10am this morning.  Fortunately, my Spanish minor is already fulfilled, but I still wanted to take the quiz.  After waking up in virtually the middle of my sleep cycle, I swept through the quiz, bought fresh bread and cheese on my way home, and took a much-needed four-hour nap.

The afternoon was met with a Spanish take on grilled cheese and tomato soup (read: heaven).  Dan & I shared a bocadillo (fancy word for baguette sandwich) of three different cheeses and a bowl of salmorejo. That’s right, Spain has more to offer than just gazpacho in the cold tomato soup category.  In fact, I prefer salmorejo.  It’s simply made of blended tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and bread.  It sounds weird, but I tell you it is DELICIOUS!


Grilled cheese & tomato soup = bocadillo de queso y salmorejo

After a few more hours of sleep, I determined my ill-feeling was not completely the result of my immersion in the Spanish discoteca culture followed by an early morning culture & language immersion test.  Thus, I’ll be staying in tonight drinking tea, eating ice cream, reading, and taking a hot bath, with the hopes that I’ll feel better in the morning.  Tomorrow afternoon, some friends and I are heading to El Escorial, a must-see day trip for anyone visiting Madrid.  Look for a post on Sunday!

Buenas noches, amores:)

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“jitters” sobre el primer dia de escuela

After the confusion and excitement last Monday (the start of our language-intensive two-week immersion classes) you can imagine how I felt this morning!  Last week we arrived an hour earlier than needed and took a 45 minute 100 question Spanish language placement test that we didn’t need to take.  Even though the Jefe de Estudios only said “no pasa nada,” (a very Spanish phrase that literally means nothing happens, but is colloquially used to excuse any mishap) I was still hoping for this morning to go a little smoother.

I will absolutely never forget the feeling I had this morning walking to school.  It felt like kindergarten all over again, except my best friend wasn’t on the bus with me (hey yanya) and my mom wasn’t standing there taking a picture of me when I got to school… bitzy.

ANYWAY, my stomach was turning all over the place, but that was the height of the excitement.  We had a meeting with Paloma, the Jefe de Estudios where she presented the E4 degree program we’re in too us and the E4U (get the pun?) student group came to talk about events coming up that sound pretty exciting!  Hopefully I’ll get to go to those!!

Then we went to Spanish Language & Culture (just Americans and our new Irish friends), International Economic Theory (a two-hour class that lasted for literally 8 minutes), and Intensive Spanish (yay, Americans).  I am excited for tomorrow though because we’ll have five new classes with other international classmates.  Cross your fingers for making friends!!

Buenas noches, amores:)

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