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feliz cumpleaños, teddy!!

Here’s a little video we made to wish Dan’s dad a very happy 60th birthday, all the way from Spain!!  Hope you had a great time at Dusal’s last weekend and that you have a great day, Teddy!


I promise updates on my trip to Paris last weekend as soon as possible!  Ciao, amores:)


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progreso con examenes…

January is a pretty quiet month in Madrid.  Students here are studying for exams, making their way back and forth between the gym, grocery store, library, their apartment and that’s about it.  My first exam, Human Resources, was on Wednesday and it was much easier than expected… so that’s a good sign.  Unfortunately, I have six more to go: tomorrow, then Monday, Wednesday & Friday of next week, and Monday & Wednesday of the week after that.  Since I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with studying (and procrastinating), here is a video my friend Kathryn shared with me that really captures the usual energy of Madrid.  Enjoy, amores:)

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el resumen del Oktoberfest

In case you have neither the time nor the interest in reading about my take on Oktoberfest below, please enjoy these two videos put together by my friend, Trent!  His camera has a setting that takes a three second video everytime he takes a picture.  He utilized this awesome setting to put these together.  Enjoy!

DAY ONE 23/9/2011

DAY TWO 24/9/2011

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